beneunder eye protection corner sun mask upf50 #color_pale violet
beneunder eye protection corner sun mask upf50 #color_pale violet
beneunder eye protection corner sun mask upf50 #color_pale violet


Cooling Wide - Women's UPF50+ Sun Protection Face Mask

Sale price$35.00 CAD
SKU: 6923278575718
Size:One Size
Color:Light Vine Purple

Beneunder has once again upgraded the three-dimensional eye protection mask - double-layer honeycomb structure, outer layer of three-dimensional mesh, forming a two-way breathable structure to keep the mask circulating, inner layer of 1700 breathing micro-pores, smooth breathing; upgraded original yarn sunscreen material, effectively blocking 99.9% of UV rays; high-density woven fabric combined with three-dimensional cutting process. The eye area is shielded from the sun by the 3D eye protection corner design. The 3D eye protection corner design maximises UV protection and safeguards the eye region.


  • Anti-UV
  • Airloop
  • Anti-Stuffy

0% Light Transmission Eye Protection Mask, Sunscreen and Anti-Ageing

With Cloud-like Original Yarn, the face shield has a UV blocking rate of ≥99% thanks to its multi-faceted anti-UV design and the TiO2 sunscreen factor embedded in it. The cloud-like fibre structure can reflect UV rays in multiple directions. The mask's eye protection structure helps prevent aging from light exposure around the eyes.

Cool and Refreshing

Thanks to AirLoop cooling technology, the face cover has a cooling coefficient 1.7 times higher than the standard value. It has also been rated AAA for its antibacterial properties, with at least 97% protection against bacteria.

More Three-dimensional Contour

It comes in a variety of colours that can be mixed and matched to suit individual preferences. The ear loops can be easily adjusted with one hand to fit different face shapes. The material is also resistant to fading, snagging and pilling. Visually makes face look smaller.