NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark
NeonSpace -  Space Dark


NeonSpace - Space Dark

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Color:Space Dark

Beneunder launched eyeshadow themed sunglasses as a new product line in 2023. Inspired by summer eye make-up colours, the sunglasses use different coloured particles to create a multi-coloured gradient effect and come with built-in eyeshadow. Beneunder continues to upgrade its folding sunglasses with its self-developed patented INTG-FOLD folding design, which enhances the wearing experience from two dimensions: spatial design and material structure. The folding ratio is redesigned, the legs are hidden and the storage volume is minimised. The elastic support structure is designed to fit the face precisely, combined with lightweight technology materials for a natural, comfortable and pressure-free wearing experience.

View Sunglasses Hightlights:

  • Dual UV400 protection, effectively blocking 99% of UV;
  • Light and flexible at just 25g, made from thin, durable metal;
  • Made of super light and highly elastic memory polymer nylon material weighing 25g, the glasses are light and flexible.

Polarisation And UV400 Sun Protection with A Higher Level of Definition

A composite polarised lens with a louvre effect to reduce glare and enhance visual realism. 95% efficient polarisation can reduce glare from sunlight or water, ensuring true vision.The cool sunglasses are infused with high-frequency anti-UV particles that effectively block 99% of UV rays on both sides, while the interior is coated with OAR to reduce UV reflection, providing double-sided sun protection.

New-Generation Sunglasses with The Lightest Weight

Featuring a three-dimensional golden folding ratio design, the unique sunglasses maximizes the use of space. When folded, the legs of the sunglasses are concealed by a compact and ingenious handle that can be easily stored in a bag or the matching storage box.

Anti-Burden Wearing Experience

With a screwless hinge design, the overall structure is strong and flexible, with a ±30° adjustment range and a self-adapting design that does not pinch the head. The slim sunglasses weighs 25g and feels light without pressure. The Air-sac can adjust the air-cushion nose pad, which accommodates 2mm of deformation. The nose pad is 360° adjustable, making it more comfortable to wear and compatible with more face types.

Waterproof & Oil-Resistant

The simulated lotus leaf coating and multiple layers of functional films inside and outside the compact sunglasses are tightly bonded to provide water and oil resistance, reduce fingerprints and maintain long-lasting visual clarity.